Imaging ActiveX Installation

ActiveX can only be used with Windows and Internet Explorer. If you are using a Mac or another browser, you must use the Silverlight viewing option.

Installing the ActiveX Control for Viewing

  1. Click here to download the ActiveX
  2. Choose Run and wait for the file to download
  3. Follow the prompts to install the ActiveX
  4. Once installed, click here. Press the Begin Installtion button to check that all seven pieces have installed.
  5. Internet Explorer may stop working the first time you do Step 4. If it does, just repeat Step 4.
  6. Do not click the "Continue to Login" button. Click on the Web Inquiry button above to log in.



Click Here to Download the ActiveX to your PC for installation.

Download Installation

At any time, you may receive a notice from Windows, asking if you want to allow the program to make changes to your PC. Choose the "Yes" or "Continue" option for these.

Click the DOWNLOAD link above, noting the destination folder.

Locate the file (HylandActiveX.msi) and double-click on it. You may need to right-click on the file and choose "Run as Administrator."


Click the "Run" button. You will briefly see this:


and then this:


Click the "Next" button


Click the "Next" button


Click the "Install" button


Click the "Finish" button


Click Here to Make Sure all 7 Pieces of the viewer have been installed

ON THE INSTALL PAGE, click the "Begin Installation" button to begin. Begin

You should receive a bar prompt from Windows about installing an ActiveX. The prompt may be at the top or at the bottom. Click on this bar to allow the installation to continue. If you are returned to the window with the "Begin Installation" button again, click it again.

You may see a prompt that looks like this:


or this:


Click the "Install" button or the "Yes" button each time.

Yourshould eventually see this:


You may have to click "Install" or "Yes" or "Begin Installation" multiple times to reach this point.

Internet Explorer usually crashes the first time it reaches the fourth file. Just close Internet Explorer, reopen it, then go back to here to finish.

DO NOT CLICK THE "Continue to Login" BUTTON. Once all seven pieces have a green checkmark showing they are installed, close the window and go to our regular Web Inquiry site.

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