Jury Selection Video Added

Tom Pace from "Talk of the Town" has filmed a segment showing the jury selection process in Caddo Parish. For more information and to watch the video, check our Jury page.

Two Choices to View.

There are now two options for viewing and printing online. The ActiveX option requires installation of an ActiveX control and the use of Internet Explorer 7.0 or greater, but it provides more viewing and printing options. The html option requires the use of a separate pdf reader and printer to print legal-size documents.

To install, click the"Imaging Active-X" link at the top of this page and follow the instructions to install each piece of the ActiveX viewer.

If you are having problems installing, check our Web Troubleshooting page or email

Civil and Domestic Drop Slips

You may now submit Civil and Domestic Drop Slips online at

Detailed Internet Copy Listing

Beginning with the November 25th - December 24th, 2010 billing cycle, Remote Access users can view detailed listings of all internet copies printed during the month.

1. Click the Images link to the left

2. Log in using your Remote Access User Name and Password

3. Under Custom Queries, click Copy Charge Detail

4. Click the binoculars icon at the bottom to search

Copy charges will apply if you print the listing.

A Note on Copy Charges

Please be careful when printing. Some of our images have many pages, and we cannot remove pages printed in error once they have been billed. If you mistakenly print a large document, please email immediately. Once the print charge is billed, it cannot be removed.

If you believe someone is using your account without authorization, you may email to change your password.

Mortgage Books Added

We are currently backscanning mortgage books for use online. So that we may have as many books available as quickly as possible, we are scanning them as a single unit. To view a Mortgage image from before January 1, 1995, you will need to use the "View Entire Book" option and enter the Mortgage book number. Once the image has displayed, you will right-click, choose Navigate, and enter the page number that you wish to see.

Civil Suits Prior to 2002 Added

We are also currently backscanning Civil records. Each civil file is being scanned as a single unit and is indexed by suit number. We plan to scan back to 1984 so that every suit in our computer database is available for viewing.

Mortgage and Conveyance Index Books

Most of our Mortgage and Conveyance Index Books are available online, and we are currently scanning the remainder. You will find this option on the main page and on the main Property Records page. We are adding these indexes to help with searching for names that are not indexed in our computer system. Therefore, we are adding them backward beginning with the 1981-1991 Indirect Conveyance Index books. Eventually we hope to have all index books available online.

To use the option, enter the FIRST letter of the book you wish to search (or MC in the case of the Mc books) The default is Conveyance/Indirect, because that is all that is currently available. Click the "Search Book" button, then click the words "View Image". Your image window will list all books currently available for that letter by year. Double-click on each hit to view the index book.

The first pages of each index book are the subindexes. This will tell you the PHYSICAL page that each name begins on. For those of you who have used our books before, the names were all entered into the books in sections, and you will still see the section numbers at the top of each page. But to find the appropriate section, you must use the physical page number. Once you find the page number that you need, right click, then choose Navigate, Go to Page. Enter the physical page number and click OK.

Some of our index books are in alphabetical order with no index in the front. For these books, we've created an index to help you move through the book quickly. These indexes do not have separate sections for specific names. All names are in alphabetical order, and the indexes give you a shortcut to get to a specific place in the book.

Our very first books were numbered A-Z. To find these books in our images, you must enter the numeric equivalent (i.e. A=1, B=2, etc.).

For better viewing, you will probably need to maximize the image window. If you decide to print a page of the index book (for example, the sub index pages) please be careful and do not print the entire book unless you mean to!

Also note that you cannot go directly to the instrument image from these indexes. You must enter the appropriate information into the regular mortgage and conveyance inquiry to view the instruments.

Years Indexes Available
1981-1991 Indirect Conveyance A-Z
1971-1980 Indirect Conveyance A-Z
1961-1970 Indirect Conveyance A-Z
1951-1960 Indirect Conveyance A-Z
1941-1950 Indirect Conveyance A-Z
1926-1940 Indirect Conveyance A-Z
1914-1925 Indirect Conveyance A-Z
1900-1913 Indirect Conveyance A-Z
1839-1899 Indirect Conveyance A-Z
1900-1913 Direct Conveyance A-Z
1839-1899 Direct Conveyance A-Z
1971-1980 Direct Mortgage A-Z
1961-1970 Direct Mortgage A-Z
1951-1960 Direct Mortgage A-Z
1941-1950 Direct Mortgage A-Z

E-mail notification is here!

The Caddo Parish Clerk of Court E-mail Notification System is now available. By signing up, you can receive an email any time a document is scanned into a specific case in our civil and criminal system.

There is no charge for the service, but you must have a valid Remote Access account to use it. During set up, you must enter your Company Name and Remote Access User Name. This is the user name you use to log on to our Web Inquiry System. You may then set up your own e-mail notification user name and password. This password does not need to be the password you use to log on to the Web Inquiry System. This way, each person at a firm with multiple users can set up his own individual e-mail notification account.

Instructions on using the system

To set up an account or manage your notifications

Several things to note:

There is some delay between the time you sign up for an e-mail notification account and the time your account is activated. You will receive an e-mail stating when your account has been activated.

You will receive an e-mail notification only when a document is scanned. To view the document, you must log on to our Web Inquiry system using your Remote Access User Name and password.

If you are interested in all being notified when all documents are scanned in a civil suit, you must add both the civil filings and the civil sheriff returns for that suit to your notifications.

Do not enter commas in suit numbers or criminal case numbers. Do not include the section in the number.

For more information, call