Civil and Domestic Court

Court Rules require all filings on legal size paper.

The Civil Filings Department of the Clerk's Office receives and files all pleadings such as petitions, answers and exceptions in Civil matters and divorces and protective orders in Domestic matters. All civil proceedings must pass through our office to reach the Court of trial. We issue Civil and Domestic documents such as subpoenas and citations.

Civil Filings

Civil Minutes Clerks have many job duties, including attending daily court, pulling suit records and/or evidence for the judge, typing filings and minutes, typing and mailing Notices of Judgment, entering motions and trial dates routed from the judge, and labeling and storing evidence. There are two divisions of Civil Court: Civil and Domestic.

Civil Minutes

We began indexing civil information on the computer in 1984. We began scanning all civil filings in 2002. Recently, we began backscanning old civil files, so that eventually, all civil filings back to 1984 will be availble online.