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We will be changing to a new web service in late May. You should have received an email about this because your login for the new system will be your email address. If you did not receive an email, please let us know which email address you will be using for the new system. If you are on Bossier's Clerk Connect, you will need to use that address. You can send your email address to Susan.Twohig@caddoclerk.com, Greg.Renfro@caddoclerk.com and Buddy.McLemore@caddoclerk.com.

Caddo Clerk Web Inquiry

This site is temporary. We will be moving to a new site that will allow for day and month subscriptions and will be usable in all browsers.

New Active X - April 7, 2018

You will also need to remove caddoclerk.com from Compatibility View Mode for this site to work as intended. In Internet Explorer, go to Tools (Alt-T), Compatibility View Settings, highlight caddoclerk.com in the large box, click the Remove button, then the Close button.

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