Civil Forms

Affidavit of Acceptance of Service and Waiver of Rights (legal)

Affidavit of Death and Heirship (letter)

Affidavit of Heirship (Office of Motor Vehicles) (letter)

Answer Form (legal)

Appeal Bond (legal)

Attorney Membership Form (legal)

Bond (Succession) (legal)

Bond (TRO, SEQ, etc.) (legal)

Civil Argument Drop Slip (letter)

Civil Costs (Current)(letter)

Civil Default Drop Slip (letter)

Civil Protective Order (Stalking or Sexual Assault) (legal)

Declaration For Notice of Suit (legal)

Domestic Abuse Order Checklist (letter)

Domestic Drop Slip (letter)

In Forma Pauperis Affidavit (legal)

Instructions for Clerk's Suit (legal)

Louisiana Mediator Registry (letter)

Monition Attachment (legal)

Mortgage Certificate (expropriation) (legal)

Motion for Authority to Withdraw Amount Deposited in Registry of the Court (legal)

Motion to Set for Hearing (Clerk's Suit) (legal)

Petition for Clerk's Suit (legal)

Petition for Clerk's Suit Garnishment (legal)

Petition for Clerk's Suit to make Judgment Executory and for Garnishment (legal)

Petition for Protective Order (legal)

Protective Order - Motion to Modify or Dissolve (Form 5) (legal)

Protective Order - Motion to Modify or Dissolve (Form 14) (legal)

Protective Order - Motion to Modify or Dissolve (Form P) (legal)

Refund Request (letter)

Rule to Modify Child Support (legal)

Subpoena Request (letter)

Succession Oath (legal)

Supreme Court Civil Case Cover Sheet (legal)

Surety Bond (legal)

Mortgage and Conveyance Forms

Act of De-Immobilization of Mobile Home (legal)

Act of Donation (legal)

Affidavit of Marital Status (legal)

Affidavit to Immobilize Mobile Home (legal)

Agricultural Foreign Investment Disclosure Act Report (letter)

Amended Bonding Certificate (letter)

Bonding Certificate (letter)

Cancellation By Prescription (Not for Judicial Mortgages) (legal)

Cash Sale Deed - Short (legal)

Cash Sale Deed - Long (legal)

Credit Deed (legal)

Labor and Materials Lien (legal)

Lien Bond (legal)

Lost Note Affidavit (legal)

Mortgage (legal)

Mortgage Note (legal)

Order for Certificate (legal)

Quit Claim Deed (legal)

Recording Fees (Current) (letter)

Release By Obligee of Record (legal)

Request For Cancellation (legal)

Request For Cancellation By Licensed Financial Institution (legal)

Request For Cancellation Of Prescribed Judicial Mortgage (legal)

Trade Name Agreement (legal)

Unenforceable Encumbrance (legal - Word document)

Uniform Request and Cancellation Affidavit (legal)

Criminal Forms

Inmate Pauper Form (letter)

Subpoena For Witness (letter)

Subpoena for Witness and Subpoena Duces Tecum(legal)

Writ of Subpoena Duces Tecum (legal)

Notary Forms

NOTE: These forms must be submitted in duplicate originals.

Oath of Office for Notary or Deputy Clerk (letter)

Oath of Office for Elected or Appointed Official (letter)

Surety Bond (legal)

Marriage License Forms

Marriage Application (legal)

Covenant Marriage Package (letter)

Application for Minister License (letter)

Birth Certificate Forms

Birth Certificate Application

UCC Forms

UCC Fees (Current) (letter)

UCC-1 Financing Statement (Louisiana Version)

UCC-1 Financing Statement (National Version)

UCC-1AD Financing Statement Addendum

UCC-1AP Financing Statement Additional Parties

UCC-3 Financing Statement Amendment (Louisiana Version)

UCC-3 Financing Statement Amendment (National Version)

UCC-3AD Financing Statement Amendment Addendum

UCC-3AP Financing Statement Amendment Additional Parties

UCC-5 Information Statement

UCC-11 Information Request

NOTE: The following forms are to be used strictly for filing pursuant to the USDA Food Security Act - Central Registry Program. These are dual purpose forms. Completing these forms in their entirety will both perfect your security interest and protect the filing from buyers of farm products.

UCC-1F Financing Statement

UCC-3F Financing Statement Amendment

Web Access Forms

Web Access Account Contract (legal)

Accounts Receivable Form (letter)

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