Civil Jury Fund

The judges of the First Judicial District Court have elected to require a cash Jury Bond to be put up for every civil jury trial. This fee is set at the time of the scheduling order by the Judge. The check is made out to the Clerk of Court - Civil Jury Fund. This fund is administered by the Clerk for the Judges, with all deposits and withdrawals requiring a court order. The bond is verified by the judge 45 days before trial. If the monies are not deposited 45 days before trial, the case is changed to a a civil bench trial. Fourty-five days before trial, the monies are disbursed equally between all cases for the drawing of the jurors. This money is non-refundable. If the civil case has settled, please notify the judge's secretary to have the case removed from the civil docket. The jurors that report for trial are paid for by the case that goes to trial. All refunds from the Civil Jury Fund must be done by court order. If you need any assistance related to the Civil Jury Fund, please contact Mike Spence at 318-226-6776.

**If a case is continued before the 45 day deadline, notify Mike Spence by fax (318-227-9080) and the judge's secretary to prevent depletion of your bond.

For More Information
Call Mike Spence
at 318-226-6776