Funds are released a minimum of two days after all paperwork is completed and processed.

LA RS 19:11

§11. Encumbered property; distribution of price to creditors
Whenever any property encumbered with mortgages or privileges of any kind is expropriated pursuant to this part, the property passes to the person expropriating it free and clear of all encumbrances. Any amount awarded pursuant to the provisions of this part shall be paid into the court by which the expropriation is made and distributed to the mortgage and privileged creditors according to their priority.
Amended by Acts 1974, Ex.Sess. No. 11, §1, eff. Jan. 1, 1975.


  1. A Motion and Order to withdraw funds from the Registry of the Court is required with approval by the attorney for the State of Louisiana through the Department of Transportation or the City Attorney, whichever is applicable.
  2. If the property is located in a municipality, Tax Certificates from that municipality and the Caddo Parish Sheriff for the three years prior to expropriation are required.
  3. If the property is located outside of a municipality, all that is needed is a Tax Certificate from the Caddo Parish Sheriff.
  4. A Parish Tax History Report (last three years) is required. The Caddo Parish Sheriff's Tax Department provides these history reports.
  5. If the expropriation was perfected within the same year of the motion to withdraw funds from the Registry of the Court, a Pro Rata Tax Certificate shall be obtained from the Tax Assessor's Office, along with all previous documents required. Contact Joe Maxwell for this certificate at 318-226-6725.
  6. A Mortgage Certificate shall be obtained from the Clerk of Court's Office. The Mortgage Certificate is ordered at the Recording Desk in the name of the present owner, along with the exact legal description of the property listed in the suit.  You must notify the Deputy Clerk that this Mortgage Certificate is for an expropriation.
  7. If the proceedings deal with the City of Shreveport or Red River Waterway, all court costs will be deducted from the monies deposited into the Registry of the Court.

Motion for Authority to Withdraw Amount Deposited in Registry of the Court

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