E-Recording is now available for electronically recording mortgages and conveyances.

Louisiana Law Governing filings (CCP 253)


  1. PDF file formats are the only supported file formats at this time. Any other file types will be rejected and your submission will not process successfully.
  2. Your PDF files should not be password protected. If you try to submit a password protected PDF, it will cause errors and your submission will not go through.
  3. You may upload additional files as attachments to each document you are recording. Any fees based on page count will consider the attachments. For example, if your document is 5 pages and you add 10 pages of attachments, the fee will be calculated based on 15 pages.
  4. The "Submitter Reference #" field is optional. This field has been designated for customers use as a means to track your submission internally within your organization. This field allows for input of numbers, letters, and special characters.
  5. The "Notes" field is optional. Please use these notes as needed to relay any information you desire to the Clerk of Court staff to see during review of your submission.
  6. Your credit card will be pre-authorized for an amount 20% more than the estimated charge to cover any corrections the clerk may need to make regarding your submission. If the final charges exceed your pre-authorized credit card amount, your submission will be put on hold, and you will be notified with instructions on how to enter a new payment.
  7. Please note: there is a processing fee added to credit card transactions by the company that provides our e-recording program.
  8. Just go to Clerk Connect to sign up and e-record.

    Click on the "Don't Have a Login" link to set up your account.

    For more information


    Email records@caddoclerk.com