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New accounts must be paid for with a credit card at the time of opening and when printing. We accept Visa, Mastercard and Discover, but NOT American Express.


$500.00 a year for unlimited access to indexes and images


$50.00 a month for unlimited access to indexes and images


$20.00 a day for unlimited access to indexes and images


$0.60 per page for image printing

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Direct Conveyance Index 01/01/1914 to present
Indirect Conveyance Indexes 07/11/1983 to present
Conveyance Images *1839 to present
Direct Mortgage Index 01/01/1981 to present
Indirect Mortgage Index 01/01/1981 to present
Mortgage Images 1981 to present
Direct Chattel Index 01/01/1985 to present
Indirect Chattel Index 01/01/1985 to present

*Prior to 1951, registry numbers were reused every few years, so any conveyances filed before 1/1/1951 are not indexed in our system by registry number, but by book and page. In the older, hand-typed books, there are often multiple instruments per page. To speed up image display, we have only indexed a page once regardless of how many instruments may be on that page. Please be careful when printing instruments from these old books. Don't ask to print all pages unless you need all pages of the LAST instrument on the page.

We are scanning the handwritten index books for the time periods not reflected in our database. The following shows the index books currently available online.

Years Index Books Available
1981-1991 Indirect Conveyance A-Z
1971-1980 Indirect Conveyance A-Z
1961-1970 Indirect Conveyance A-Z
1951-1960 Indirect Conveyance A-Z
1941-1950 Indirect Conveyance A-Z
1926-1940 Indirect Conveyance A-Z
1914-1925 Indirect Conveyance A-Z
1900-1913 Indirect Conveyance A-Z
1839-1899 Indirect Conveyance A-Z
1900-1913 Direct Conveyance A-Z
1839-1899 Direct Conveyance A-Z
1971-1980 Direct Mortgage A-Z
1961-1970 Direct Mortgage A-Z
1951-1960 Direct Mortgage A-Z
1941-1950 Direct Mortgage A-Z

Civil Suits

Name Index 01/01/1984 to present
Costs 01/24/1984 to present
Minutes 01/24/1984 to present
Court Calendar Current
Civil Documents 11/15/1994 to present
Notice of Judgment by Mail 01/20/1994 to present
Sheriff Returns Inside Caddo 11/16/1993 to present
Sheriff Returns Outside Caddo 11/02/1994 to present
Civil Images *approximately 1947 to present

*We are currently backscanning our civil filings. Each file is being scanned as one document containing multiple filings.


Name Index 01/01/1980 to present
Minutes 01/01/1984 to present
Traffic Tickets 01/01/1989 to present
Calendar Current
Criminal Images 09/04/2002 to present


Name Index 04/03/1838 to present
Marriage License Images 04/03/1838 to present

Current Customers

Your accounts are now handled by the website. At the end of your present term, your account will be automatically deactivated and will require payment to reactivate.

You can have subaccounts now, so that every user with access to your account can have their own login:

  1. Create your main/administrator account
  2. Click on the username in the top right corner and select Account Management


  3. click NEW (beside additional logins)


  4. Enter the email address and Name for the new user


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You may change your own password now. Just click on the username in the top right corner and select Change Password.


To Cancel Your Yearly Account

We must have an email notice to close a Web Access Account. A verbal request over the phone is not sufficient, nor is a note written on a returned bill.

Email Greg.Renfro@caddoclerk.com and Buddy.McLemore@caddoclerk.com with your cancellation request. You should receive a response within a day or two of sending your request. If you do not receive a reply within two business days, please call 318-226-6523.

For More Information:
Call 318-226-6523
E-mail Greg.Renfro@caddoclerk.com