UCCs can now be filed online.


Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) Revised Article 9 was adopted in Louisiana effective July 1, 2001. Acceptable filing forms and filing fees have been amended as follows:

Standard UCC Filing Forms: Louisiana Approved UCC-1 Financing Statement, Louisiana Approved UCC-3 Amendment Form, the National Approved UCC-1 Financing Statement, and the National Approved Amendment Form. All Louisiana filing forms approved prior to July 1, 2001 will continue to be accepted as standard until January 1, 2002; however, we do encourage the use of the July 1, 2001 version of the Louisiana approved forms. Any other UCC forms will be accepted as non-standard and will be charged an additional $15.00 non-standard fee. Listed below is the revised fee schedule effective July 1, 2001.


UCC-1 Financing Statement (Louisiana Version)

UCC-1 Financing Statement (National Version)

UCC-1AD Financing Statement Addendum

UCC-1AP Financing Statement Additional Parties

UCC-3 Financing Statement Amendment (Louisiana Version)

UCC-3 Financing Statement Amendment (National Version)

UCC-3AD Financing Statement Amendment Addendum

UCC-3AP Financing Statement Amendment Additional Parties

UCC-5 Information Statement

UCC-11 Information Request

NOTE: The following forms are to be used strictly for filing pursuant to the USDA Food Security Act - Central Registry Program. These are dual purpose forms. Completing these forms in their entirety will both perfect your security interest and protect the filing from buyers of farm products.

UCC-1F Financing Statement

UCC-3F Financing Statement Amendment


UCC-1 Financing Statement

One debtor name including termination $30.00
Additional debtor name (each) 10.00
Assignment on initial filing 35.00
Fixture/"extracted collateral"/"Other" 40.00
Transmitting Utility 205.00
Public Financing Transaction 105.00
Standard Form with Attachments (per page) 2.00

UCC-3 Amendment, Continuation, Assignment

One name on original filing $25.00
Additional names on original filing 5.00
To add an additional debtor (each) 10.00
Termination (paid at time of original filing) N/A
Master Assignment/Amendment
per financing statement
Non-Standard Form Fee $15.00
Standard Form with Attachments (per page) 2.00


Farm Product Notice $35.00

Above fees include prepaid termination fee, indexing of all debtors names, and attachments.


Amendment, Assignment, Continuation, Partial Release


Above fees include indexing all debtor names and attachments.

NOTE: Filings presented for inclusion in the Central Registry database must be presented on the UCC-1F and UCC-3F forms; therefore, there is no non-standard fee relative to these filings.

UCC-11 Certificate (Debtor/Secured Party)

Per name up to 10 statements $30.00
Each statement thereafter 1.00


Copies of Documents (per page) $1.00
Certification of Copy $5.00

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