The Clerk's office will be open from 8:30 am to 1 pm Monday through Friday

until further notice. A small staff will be on hand until 4:30 pm to answer

phones and to complete filings and e-recordings. See Judges Order

For emergencies call 318-226-6776

Operations of Louisiana Clerks of Court during COVID-19

Juvenile Court COVID-19 Order (3-23-2020)

Louisiana Governor COVID-19 STAY AT HOME ORDER (3-22-2020)

The Louisiana Department of Vital Records has been advised to stop in-person requests for birth certificates. They are advising customers to obtain them through the mail or online. We can still issue EMERGENCY certificates. (3-18-2020)

The Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles has shuttered operations for the time being making it unncessary to obtain a birth certificate for that purpose.

Louisiana Governor COVID-19 Proclamation (Remote Notarization)(3-26-2020)

Louisiana Governor COVID-19 Proclamation (Public Health)(3-11-2020)

Louisiana Governor COVID-19 Proclamation (Legal Prescriptions)(3-13-2020)

Louisiana Supreme Court COVID-19 Order (3-16-2020)

Louisiana Supreme Court COVID-19 Order (3-20-2020) (Continuances)

Louisiana Supreme Court COVID-19 Order (3-20-2020) (Legal Prescriptions)

1st Judicial District Court COVID-19 Order (3-16-2020)

It is strongly advised that you do not come to the courthouse unless absolutely necessary. In the event that you do have to come, the only entrance to the courthouse is from Marshall Street. Check the docket. You will only be allowed in the courthouse if necessary. Only the person in need of service (i.e. birth certificate, protective order) will be allowed in the courthouse (no friends or family). For criminal court, the district attorney's office will notify you by mail as to when to appear.

Paternity court is canceled until further notice. PROTECTIVE ORDER COURT WILL STILL BE HEARD.

Juvenile Rescheduling Chart for Child Support

To do our part in helping to "flatten the curve" of the COVID-19 pandemic, we recommend doing the following before coming to the Caddo Parish Clerks office.

For civil filings, mail your original documents to:

Civil Filing

501 Texas Street

Room 103

Shreveport, LA 71101

For prescription issues, fax your suit to 318-227-9080 and then mail original to address above.

For any filing over 50 pages, please contact the civil filing department at 318-226-6776 about emailing your document.

To record a mortgage or conveyance, please use our e-recording option from Clerk Connect or search LCRAA(free) for indexes.

To search marriage license indexes, you can search LCRAA(free) for licenses for the entire state or use Clerk Connect for licenses in Caddo Parish

For birth certificates, please use VitalCheck to prevent a trip to our office.

Message from Shreveport Bar regarding Self Represented Legal Forms

Important Message about April 4th Elections

Try out our new Civil Deposit Cost Calculator!

Mike Spence

Caddo Parish Clerk of Court

Caddo Parish Juvenile Clerk of Court

Chief Election Officer of the Parish

The Clerk's Office keeps the records for Caddo Parish, including Mortgages, Conveyances, Marriage Licenses, Civil Suits, Criminal Cases, and Minutes for the First Judicial District Court. We are also responsible for training election commissioners and tabulating election results for the parish. The Clerk's Office also draws juries for Court. The Clerk has a staff of 101 employees and 900 election commissioners performing these duties for the parish.

Our office is located in downtown Shreveport in the Parish Courthouse. We are on the first floor in Room 103, and we are open from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.

Caddo Parish Clerk of Court
501 Texas Street, Room 103
Shreveport, LA 71101

The emergency fax number is 318-227-9080.


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Property Records E-Recording is now available. Go to E-Recording for more information.

We now offer daily, monthly and yearly rates for Web Access. Go to Web Inquiry for more information.


Please be aware that there are several telephone scams floating around these days, either asking for money to keep you out of jail because of a warrant or claiming that you failed to report for a trial.
If you are chosen for a jury, you will receive a summons in the mail from Sheriff Prator. The only contact you will have with a Deputy Sheriff is in person, and he or she will be in a uniform driving an official vehicle. A Deputy Sheriff will never ask for money over the telephone.


Apple has made some changes to the Ipad App for Onbase, so if you use that to view images online, please change the server to (add an "s" after the http in the current address).

UCCs can now be filed online.

Civil Court Rules require that all filings be submitted on legal size paper.


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